Aged Care Selection Process Explained by Geoff Bailey…

Aged Care Selection Process Explained by Geoff Bailey…

Aged Care Selection Process Explained by Geoff Bailey at public meeting April 10 but still unanswered questions.

As a result of a question from Linda Bergin about the Trust’s “Boutique Hotel Leasing Opportunity … and … Expressions of Interest” (2012) document, Geoff Bailey explained how the aged care proposal, which was also given a green light in 2012, came before the Trust.

There was disagreement between Ms. Bergin and Mr. Bailey about this document.

Mr. Bailey said that the document was what the Trust calls “Open Leasing” and that the Trust “advertised openly for Expressions of Interest”.

However, Ms. Bergin said that the document called specifically for a “Boutique Hotel Leasing Opportunity in Mosman – from experienced hospitality developers/operators” and was an Expression of Interest with a closing date.

This disagreement was not resolved because the meeting ended.

Also attending the meeting was Mr. Matt Blomfield, who showed how his boutique hotel proposal was rejected in August 2012 after his investment of $500,000 over 5 months.

Mr. Bailey confirmed that in August 2012 there were 3 applicants before the Trust’s “Tenant Selection Committee”. Mr. Bailey confirmed that the 3 applicants were:

  • Matt Blomfield with a boutique hotel proposal
  • Apparently the present aged care applicant (but named as “they” by Mr. Bailey) with an aged care proposal
  • A third unnamed applicant

Mr. Bailey said that the aged care proposal was selected because it was the most appropriate, the least interventionist, would have the least impact on the headland and would maximise public access.

It appears that all EOIs and/or Open Leasing documents for 10 Terminal (from 2009-2012) required applicants to strictly adhere to the Trust’s original 2007 Management Plan for Middle Head, including that:

  • most of the paved car-parks be changed back to grassed parkland
  • any building not to exceed the height of the 10 Terminal perimeter buildings
  • the barracks buildings not be joined or increased in size.

The current aged care home proposal does not comply with those requirements, which is why the Trust was seeking to amend its own Management Plan to fit the aged care home proposal.

HPG believes aged care or boutique hotel would be contrary to the Objects of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Act.


March 2009 EOI for 10 Terminal – range of uses – closing March 31, 2009
April 2011 EOI for 10 Terminal – Boutique Hotel – closing April 29, 2011
August 2012 EOI for 10 Terminal – Boutique Hotel – closing August 6, 2012
2012? Apparently Open Leasing for 10 Terminal
August 1, 2012 3 applicants before Tenant Selection Committee
August 16, 2012 Trust letter to Matt Blomfield rejecting his proposal in the August 2012 selection process, but with no explanation. Mr. Blomfield was also unable to follow-up with the Trust. Mr. Blomfield was not aware until our public meeting that aged care was one of the 3 proposals before the Tenant Selection Committee.
August 2012 aged care selected?
November 26, 2012 Middle Head Health Care Pty Ltd was registered with ASIC
December 2012 Trust Board Minutes – Lease Concept Brief Paper – the Trust resolved to move to the next stage of negotiations with a company called Continuing Health Care – Middle Head. “aged care” and “10 Terminal” not mentioned in Minutes.
June 2013 Trust Board Minutes – Proposal by Continuing Health Care Middle Head – Trust resolved to move to the next stage. There was still no mention of “10 Terminal” or “aged care”. Board approved draft changes to Middle Head Management Plan to be placed on public exhibition, to accommodate the proposal.
October 31, 2013 Aged Care proposal placed on public exhibition. Applicant is Middle Head Health Care Pty Ltd.  Draft changes to Middle Head Management Plan also placed on public exhibition.


Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Leasing brochure for Middle Head


Above: Page 2 of a Sydney Harbour Federation Trust EOI brochure (undated but believed to be 2009) for Middle Head in which it is stated that the Trust is looking for people “that respond creatively to the heritage values of the site and enhance the visitor experience.” The brochure also states that “The red-brick Art Deco-styled buildings showcase heritage features such as wood panelling, high ceilings and open fireplaces… linked by a series of landscaped or paved courtyards.” 


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  • wargent peter m says

    In view of the fact that Tony Abbot has suggested the Trust has consulted with the community, and due process should be allowed to continue, perhaps a copy of the above
    “Aged care selection process explained by Geoff Bailey” should be sent to PM, with strong suggestion that he read, mark, learn, and digest it.

    ie. TA should be given opportunity to understand that Trust has not consulted properly, and is, shall we say, LOOSE with its facts.


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