Community member helps focus media attention on Middle Head aged care development

Community member helps focus media attention on Middle Head aged care development

Recent media coverage is providing a great deal of encouragement for HPG supporters to continue the fight against the aged care development that will result in the loss of built and natural heritage in the historic Middle Head precinct.

Media coverage includes stories in the Sydney Morning Herald and radio coverage on Linda Mottram ABC 702 and on Alan Jones’ 2GB Breakfast Show. Alan Jones had previously been briefed by a number of people but we believe that it was the persistence of Stephanie, one of the Harbour Trust volunteer gardeners on Middle Head, that helped focus attention.

At last night’s public meeting, attended by 200 community members, Stephanie (pictured above) had this to say:

“I felt you really wanted to get your message out. That you needed to go to someone who’s got some power and some influence. In his radio program he’s got between 600,000 and 800,000 people listening to him every morning.

“I spoke to him 2 weeks or so ago to say, ‘This is a matter of public interest, we don’t seem to be getting anywhere’. I am a volunteer gardener with the trust but they do understand that I am totally opposed to what they are doing, not just what they are doing but any development there. They’re quite happy for me to continue in that role [of volunteer gardener] because they need somebody to tend the gardens.

“I think from this point on we certainly do need to get the right legal advice on this issue. We do need money here, everyone needs it. Alan is on side, it’s a great pity he’s not here tonight. He’s a fabulous motivational speaker but I think with him there at least we’re going to get somewhere.

“We can’t give up but I do think Tony Abbot’s got a role in this. He is the CEO of this country, it might have been Simon Birmingham’s decision but he is a parliamentary secretary.

“Tony Abbott did in 2001, with John Howard saying, ‘I’m giving you, the people this land.’ Well this land doesn’t belong to Tony Abbott or Simon Birmingham or Greg Hunt. It belongs to us. We are the people. I think Tony Abbott certainly needs to hear it from everyone in this electorate that he did faithfully promise that this land would go to the people. Everyone of you; ring or write and let him know that he has betrayed the trust that was placed in him.”

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2 Comments on "Community member helps focus media attention on Middle Head aged care development"

  • Eve Bagnall says

    Well done to our local supporters.

    This land is your land…this land is our land….this land should be here for you and me!

  • Dr. Ralph Bunch says

    It’s time we return human values to priority over the selfish interests of corporations whose bottom line values (profits for stockholders and their own obscene salaries) are an insult to communities and families.
    Let’s put quality of life over quantity of material possessions. It’s a
    simple matter of insuring that the great number of citizens are served
    by politics and economics — that their “first and only home and community” is safe and enhanced, rather than that the “second and
    third home, jet, yacht, and mistress” of the money-grubbers is.

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