Key Points For Letter Writers

Key Points For Letter Writers

Download “HPG – Save Middle Head : letter writing – points for letters” PDF here

Please read our explanatory notes to the PDF below.

“popular protest and much letter writing to ‘save the parks’ have clinched most of the battles over Centennial Park.”

Pick and choose which issue or issues you want to write about. You may write about more than one issue in the one letter, or to write several letters about different issues.

To the best of our knowledge the paragraphs are factual. Treat them as source material to be put into your own words.

References are attached so you can research matters if you wish BUT there is no need to cite these references in your letter(s).

Italicized headings are for your easy reference and not intended to be included in letters.

So that everyone receives the same message, it would be desirable to send each letter to each of the following (see blog post for addresses here…):

  • PM Tony Abbott (at both his electorate office and Parliament House office)
  • Environment Minister Greg Hunt
  • Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Simon Birmingham
  • your Federal MP (if not Tony Abbott)
  • Chair of the Trust Anthea Tinney
  • Executive Director of the Trust Geoff Bailey

Although it will take a little extra effort, please address each letter individually to each addressee (rather than just addressing it to one, with copies to the others). Except for letters to Tony Abbott, where the same letter can be sent to both his addresses.

  • Also send letters to the newspapers (listed here…), particularly the Mosman Daily and the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Letters to politicians and the Trust would preferably be printed and posted, but if that is not feasible, email or fax is next best. Letters to newspapers need only be email (or fax)
  • Your letters to the newspapers will likely require some rewording.
  • Don’t forget to keep a copy of what you send! Please send us a copy of your letter, email them to [email protected]
  • If you have any questions relating to writing letters email [email protected]
  • More information will be added as the campaign progresses. Please check periodically for updated versions with new items highlighted for easy reference.


Note: Some of the suggested paragraphs refer to the Middle Head precinct.

The 10 Terminal buildings are situated in what the Trust refers to as the Middle Head precinct.  This precinct is limited in size and only covers the area from Burnt Orange down to the gate to the National Park on the end of Middle Head.

This Middle Head precinct has its separate Management Plan prepared by the Trust (“Management Plan – Mosman No. 7 – Middle Head 7 June 2007”).  It sets out how the Trust is to manage the Middle Head precinct.

This Management Plan is on the Trust website under “Strategic Plans:”  There is a map of the Middle Head precinct after page 5: (go to this page and scroll down until you come to the heading “Middle Head”)

In the public mind, “Middle Head” might often be thought of as extending up to Georges Heights, in which case an aged care home “up the hill” in the vicinity of say Georges Heights might not seem so outrageous.

But the Trust is talking about a residential aged care home in Headland Park right down next to the National Park on the headland of Middle Head.

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