Mosman Daily WRONG! Lease NOT signed!

Mosman Daily WRONG! Lease NOT signed!

The Mosman Daily story page 5 Thursday 27 November 2014 ‘Cove will care for site’ states the lease for the private aged care development has been signed. Geoff Bailey, Executive Director, Harbour Trust has confirmed this is incorrect.

In an email response to a question from Phil Jenkyn, a member of the Trust’s Community Advisory Committee, Geoff Bailey, stated “The lease has not been signed. The Mosman Daily, which I presume is your source of information, appears to have assumed that to be the case. It is not.”

Community opposition to this development continues to grow. EDO NSW (formerly Environmental Defender’s Office) has agreed to assist HPG brief legal counsel and advise on avenues for legal action.

IMAGE ABOVE: HPG members at 10 Terminal this week following the release of the Mosman Daily story.


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