New HPG online petition on CommunityRun – a GetUp initiative

New HPG online petition on CommunityRun – a GetUp initiative

CommunityRun is a tool that empowers GetUp members to start and run their own campaigns. GetUp, an independent, grassroots, community advocacy organisation, is one of Australia’s largest campaigning communities, with a membership of over 600,000 people.

Headland Preservation Group has set up this new online petition and we hope that this petition wil spread far and wide. To quote one of our supporters “Middle Head is not Mosman’s backyard. It is Australia’s front yard.”


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15 Comments on "New HPG online petition on CommunityRun – a GetUp initiative"

  • Eve Bagnall says

    great comment re “Australia’s front yard”. Let’s keep quoting it.

  • Leslie Lyndon says

    Leave Middle Head alone. It is a wonderful place to visit

  • Terry Fake says

    Public land belongs to the people NOT the Government.
    What is so wrong in keeping this as parkland, we do not want or need development on public lands.
    Just because the land has incredible harbour views it is NOT for sale.
    Do not sell our public spaces like you are allowing our farmlands to be sold, to foreign investors. What a short sighted idea, none of this is for the good of the country.

  • Jacqui Richardson says

    Public land is PUBLIC land, for the people.

  • Michael Egan says

    Hands off this public asset. The trustees have acted in an appalling manner and did not want to answer any questions at so called public meetings until ordered to by the minister. I am afraid that the trustees have a separate agenda that is outside the brief as a trustee of an iconic public asset.

  • Elaine Wick says

    Please do not develop Middle Head

  • Cassandra Vockler says

    Please stop this obsessive over development of Sydney.
    Public land is not to be sold or leased for commercial gain.

  • Neil Tribe says

    As a frequent visitor to and user of this beautiful environment I would like to see it saved from development that takes it out of the hands of the community.

  • Claire Green says

    This is my children heritage, I have taken my children regularly there to understand the history of their country. It is a place for the enjoyment of the public, that is where I take all my visitors from overseas as it is such a beautiful area, with so much history, and I am totally opposed to any new development or redevelopment on the North Head site.

    We have already lost the museum that was moved to Victoria, that was a great shame. I am sure that there are plenty more suitable spaces for a retirement village, but you can’t replace what you have destroyed.

  • John O'Dwyer says

    Do they ever keep any promises????.

    How big is the developers donation this time ???

    A few people are set to make a huge amount of money out of this.

  • Roger Macarthur-King says

    Middle Head for nature and the bush and the enjoyment of the general public as previously promised.

  • Rhonda Cassidy says

    This magnificent area is enjoyed by not only sydney-siders but by visitors from interstate and overseas. The range of activities and vistas to be appreciated at Middle Head are simply irreplaceable.

  • Sue Dornan says

    Public land belongs to the people

  • Frederick Patten says

    I have travelled from my home in Cairns to attend an art course at Middle Head. Opportunities that the parklands of Middle Head provide the community with a means to generate income in a sustainable fashion. Preserving the parklands would be a long term investment in Sydney’s economy and culture that would outweigh the short term benefits of development.
    Thank you

  • Jan says

    This is the entrance to Sydney, no its the entrance to Australia. Sydney Heads right before our eyes, it does not get much better.

    They want an old peoples home – its laughable – its sickening – its inexplicable – its dangerous for the elderly – its impossible, or is it?

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