Alan Jones 2GB: “The public are here to be heard.”

Alan Jones 2GB: “The public are here to be heard.”

Today Alan Jones said on his 2GB Breakfast Show “all hell will break lose if this goes ahead!” During an interview with Senator Simon Birmingham Alan Jones said “I can’t articulate the anger that you people have generated in this part of Australia.”

Senator Birmingham said that “it is highly likely based on all the advice that it [aged care development] will be approved by fire service officials.”

You can listen to the full interview here:

And listen to today’s community supporters’ calls here:

Please continue to support the campaign to stop the almost total demolition of the 10 Terminal historic buildings. You can help by:

  • calling Alan Jones on the 2GB talkback line on 131 873 (Monday to Friday calls are taken between 6:00-6:30am and 8:30-9:00am), you can also send emails to [email protected] and listen to 2GB live online HERE…
  • sending emails to Mr Abbott, Senator Birmingham and Minister Hunt. Details of email addresses can be found HERE…
  • writing handwritten letters (rare and hard to ignore) and hand deliver them to the Mr Abbott’s electorate office to The Hon Tony Abbot, Prime Minister, Member Warringah Electorate,
    Level 2, 17 Sydney Road, Manly, NSW 2095


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  • Sue O'Reilly says

    Am outraged that Simon Birmingham would describe 10 Terminal as “a 1950s brick building that was one a military transport depot”.
    Unless he corrects this misrepresentation at the earliest possible opportunity and apologises to Alan Jones and his hundreds of thousands of listeners around Australia for making such a patently incorrect statement, Simon Birmingham should be sacked.

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