Public Rally 11 am Sunday 27 July 2014

Public Rally 11 am Sunday 27 July 2014

Stop the private development of public parkland!

Join us at 11 am on Sunday 27 July 2014 at the 10 Terminal complex on Middle Head Road, Mosman (opposite Middle Head Cafe near the Middle Head Oval past the Naval Base).

This is our last chance to save the precious heritage buildings and the harbour foreshore parkland that are part of Australia’s indigenous and military history.

Help make this a huge rally that attracts the attention of the media and politicians! After 10 minutes of speeches the crowd will link arms around 10 Terminal.

Please invite as many of your friends and family as you can, from all over Sydney. Bring your prams, bikes, grannies and dogs!

The theme is GREEN – to preserve our natural environment. Please wear something green. Green caps will also be given out.

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3 Comments on "Public Rally 11 am Sunday 27 July 2014"

  • Rhonda Harpley-Ford says

    I was in the Army at Muddle Head, it is a magnificent Sydney landmark that must be saved.

  • I totally agree with you on this one. This historical site should be kept as it is, available to all.

    Good luck with your project. Where would we be without people like you?

    All the best,

    Leone Brennan

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