Tim Webster of Radio 2UE writes to Prime Minister

Tim Webster of Radio 2UE writes to Prime Minister

The Hon Tony Abbott MP
PO Box 450

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
PO Box 274 HASTINGS VIC 3915

Mr Warren Mundine C/- CEDA
GPO Box 2100 SYDNEY 2001

Re:Proposed Aged Care facility at Middle Head 10 Terminal.

Dear Prime Minister,

I’m sure you’re aware there is a lot of opposition to the proposed Aged Care Facility at Middle Head. You would, of course, be very familiar with the area.

The campaign leaders contacted me via my radio programme and I subsequently visited the old 10 Terminal site with them, and a more beautiful area of Sydney would be hard to find.

Sadly, there seems to be that old elitist perception that it’s just the Mosman residents complaining because they don’t want the facility close to them…well, I don’t live anywhere near the area and I also think it would be a tragedy to see that historic site not preserved as a cultural and respectful reminder of our history. We are only 220 odd years old, and I believe we need to retain as much as we can.

I understand it’s in the hands of Minister Hunt now for a decision…I actually spoke to a representative of The Trust and I get the impression they are in favor of the Aged Care proposal.

The buildings at 10 Terminal are very much intact and just need some TLC and refurbishment…surely a historic Museum, cafes, Indiginous Centre and re- development of the whole area into a National Park environment, to be shared by us all, would be a much better use of that just lovely link to our Colonial and Military past.

I’m not sure if you’ve visited Middle Head recently, but it really needs a bit of a facelift now…there’s old, unoccupied accommodation and the 10 Terminal buildings look a bit sad..

While there might be more money for the Trust in the Aged Care option, I’m quite convinced the whole area could be made commercially viable, historically significant and environmentally friendly.

As far as the environmental considerations are concerned….Mr Hunt, no doubt you have the options before you, but I really think the Aged Care facility would adversely effect the beautiful serenity and sheer natural beauty of Middle Head.

Warren, I’m including you because that MUST be a very significant site for the Koori people…I’m told there are areas still be to be uncovered where there are almost certainly sacred sites.

So, could I add a disapproving voice to the idea of the Aged Care option at Middle Head…I really do think it needs to be kept as a place of great emotional attachment to the people of Sydney, indeed the Nation!

I’d ask that you seriously consider an alternative option.

Thank you.

Tim Webster
Radio 2UE Sydney Sky News Australia

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  • sher canny says

    With the high regard for Anzac Day in this country it would be hypocracy to destroy any of the history in this park dedicated to our military history for future generations. The natural beauty of the area and views feed the souls of all who visit. To desecrate the site with a large new commercial development unavailable to the genrral public is desperate commercialism.

  • Marion McMahon says

    I am in UK at the moment and heritage tourism is HUGE.

    This opportunity should not be wasted on an elite aged care facility for the privileged few which will exclude it from being accessed by the public. An information centre celebrating its history and environment would be an exciting innovation.

    This site is en exceptional military, aboriginal and colonial site. It should be preserved and exploited. Boats could moor at Chowder Bay and tourist groups shuttled to Middle Head to discover and explore its past and enjoy its beauty.

    Australia needs to appreciate and nurture it’s heritage and not handle it so frivolously as it has done so in the past.

    Wake up Australia!

  • Geoffrey Browne says

    Excellent letter. It is vital that we do not want public land Taken away from the people who own it. This proposal for an aged centre [or any other commercial property] should never have been considered at all. My photo at the bottom of this page is a great memory for me..

  • Julie Goodsir says

    Many thanks for your interest and letter to the Prime Minister. Perhaps it would be valuable if you try to get either the Hon Tony Abbott, PM and the elected member of parliament for this electorate, the Hon Greg Hunt, Minister for the Environment, Senator Birmingham his Parliamentary Secretary or Ms Anthea Tinney, Chair of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust on your radio program? It would be very interesting to hear their justification for why this proposal is even being considered as it contravenes the Trust Act of 2001.

  • chris ashley says

    What the government, and the Trust fail to realise is that this is PUBLIC LAND in a NATIONAL PARK! How dare it even be considered as a private, money-making business that will benefit a select and wealthy few at the expense of the enjoyment of many thousands of tourists, visitors and nature lovers that currently enjoy the beauty and water views.
    Shame on the Government, Tony Abbott, The Trust and Mr Hunt!

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