Heads Up – Middle Head Planning Day

Heads Up – Middle Head Planning Day

Public Consultation Day scheduled for May
Entirety of Middle Head including Sydney Harbour National Park

The Harbour Trust (in conjunction with National Parks and Wildlife Service) is planning an “Open/Planning Day” for a Sunday (to be announced) in the mid to later part of May, for the whole of Middle Head.

This will be the ONLY public consultation day and the results will be used to draft a new plan for Middle Head. It is imperative that you participate.

The new draft plan will then be placed on public exhibition.

For example, do you want the barracks removed or not?

The day will include maps, self-guided tours, and “information panels” at “stations” of interest, one being 10 Terminal. It will also include 3 Q and A sessions by the Trust.

In particular, the 10 Terminal station will show what is presently allowed on the 2014 Plan, which still has the provision for a large 2-story building exceeding the footprint encompassing the complex.

This is because the 2014 Plan, which the Board approved just prior to the aged care DA approval, was never revoked even though the Middle Head Health Care aged care proposal is now dead.

After the conclusion of the Open Day, the Trust will draft new amendments to the Middle Head Plan for public exhibition.

Hopefully the courtyard of 10 Terminal will the opened for public access for the first time, and also some of the buildings.

Here is a copy of the report of the very first Middle Head Open Day in 2001, including this extract below.

It is interesting to see what the community wanted for Middle Head in 2001, which are community uses for the most part.

“9. Middle Head

Australian School of Pacific Administration (ASOPA) – suggested uses included a school holiday camp or arts camp; backpacker-type accommodation for schools and visitors; community use; arts centre or mini-conservatory with rehearsal facilities, music library, open air amphitheatre; theatre for school / local productions; art display area.

10 Terminal was seen as an excellent facility for outward bound / multi-cultural / Christian camping organisations / music & art groups / camp site.

There was a suggestion that some unsightly buildings be demolished.”

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