Interpretation Strategy – deadline for comment extended

Interpretation Strategy – deadline for comment extended

A few items to update you on and also recap on after our Member Update of two weeks ago.

Headland Park Interpretation Strategy – deadline for comment extended

Following an approach by HPG the Trust has agreed to extend the deadline for responses to the Harbour Trust’s draft Interpretation Strategy for Headland Park until Monday 16th October. The draft Strategy is available on the Harbour Trust website –  see Link Interpretation Strategy.

We encourage you to make your comments known. HPG will be making a formal submission.

Middle Head Oval

As per our Member update of a fortnight ago, HPG is working to retain a natural but much better maintained surface on Middle Head Oval. We have an engagement plan in place and are working with stakeholders towards our goal. We have met with senior Trust and Council representatives in the last week on this matter.

In addition to health and environmental concerns we have mentioned, there remain legal concerns under both the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Act and the Federal EPBC Act. HPG is currently seeking additional legal advice from the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO NSW).

HPG Response to the Amended Middle Head Management Plan

We shared with you our response to the Amended Middle Head Management Plan two weeks ago.  We are now engaging a range of stakeholders with it.

As you saw, much but not all of HPG’s comprehensive submission was picked up in the Amended Plan.  The Amended Plan is a considerable improvement and much more aligned to the Trust’s Comprehensive Plan. However, we are concerned that there is a lack of detail and progress on a few important matters.

We attach once again our response and would welcome your feedback. ​

 HPG Review of Amended MH Management Plan FINAL …

10 Terminal Field Study Centre

HPG has developed a proposal to establish a NSW Department of Education Environment Centre in part of the 10 Terminal complex on Middle Head. The proposal is being considered by the Minister and staff of the NSW Department of Education.

Plastic Ocean

Living Mosman is screening a free film “A Plastic Ocean” at 6:30pm to 9:30pm on Thursday 19 October in the Mosman Art Gallery – see Link Plastic Ocean.  The film explores the curse of plastic in our environment. The breakdown of plastic into microplastics and how these molecules get into the food chain is alarming.

HPG Public Meeting & AGM  

A large public meeting and the HPG Annual General meeting will be held in mid to late November to account to our members and community and will provide more detail on these and other issues.  We will give you timely notice in advance.

Thank you for your continued membership and support.

Please contact us if you have any queries or feedback.

Originally broadcast to members on 11 October 2017.

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